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At GetIoT we focus on design centered on people, so all of our devices are easy to install and use.


Our technology is based on the Internet of Things (IoT). We provide friendly and reliable solutions that connect devices, households and people, providing our customers more control and information about their homes.


In GetIoT we use a data management platform where we analyze user information in a personalized way to identify consumption patterns and propose habit changes to reduce cost.


Simple is beautiful, so we specialize in the development of easy to use applications focused on the user experience, providing them with a friendly way to remotely monitor and control their devices.

Your IoT solution for home energy consumption reduction!

How GaSaver was born

We noticed that there is no device on the market for making energy consumption in household water tank heaters more efficient, integrating consumer information and allowing remote heater management.

Value proposition

GaSaver consists of an easy-to-install physical device and a smart mobile application that allows remote device operation.

Target Customer

Households with a tank heater, wireless internet connection and a smart mobile device.

Product and Service

GaSaver consists of an easy-to-install physical device and a mobile application that allows remote device handling.

Potential market

10.5 million homes only in Mexico!


Parts of GaSaver

GaSaver allows you to raise and lower the temperature of your water heater remotely to heat water only when you are going to use it, producing a 30% saving in energy consumption.

Electronic device

It receives commands from the cloud and moves the thermostat  to change the water temperature.

Electronic CONTROL

It receives commands from the mobile application and from the cloud to control the water temperature in the tank.

Mobile application

Allows you to program when to raise or lower the water temperature in your tank. It also allows to operate the tank directly.

The Cloud

Saves data to analyze and report usage patterns and opportunity areas.

Our team


Gabriela Gutiérrez, B.S.


Luis Amaya, Ph.D.


Raúl Trejo, Ph.D.


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